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Who is protected by esisuisse?
When does the depositor protection scheme have to spring into action?
What are preferential deposits?
When a bank becomes bankrupt, bank deposits of up to CHF 100 000 per depositor and bank are given preferential treatment. Preferential treatment means that these deposits form part of the 2. creditor class. This is of great advantage when it comes to distributing the bankrupt institution's liquidity, as the 1. and 2. creditor classes normally only represent a small portion of the claims against bankruptcy assets. By far the largest portion of claims is usually allocated to the third creditor class.

Preferential deposits are deemed to be:

The following are not deemed to be preferential:
  • Deposits held in the name of a bearer (and therefore not in the name of the bank client).
  • Claims against the bank that are not related to the professional activities of a bank or securities dealer (e.g. claims by the bank’s landlord or a contractor working for the bank or claims arising from purchase or works contracts with the bank),
  • Securities accounts: Preferential treatment does not apply here because securities are held in custody by the bank while remaining the property of its client. (see also the question "Are securities in securities accounts protected or preferential?")
What are protected deposits?
Do this preferential treatment and protection apply per account or per depositor?
What happens to the deposits if FINMA imposes rehabilitation measures on a bank?
Which banks are participating in the depositor protection scheme?
Does the depositor protection scheme also apply to foreign banks?
Does the depositor protection scheme also apply to foreign branches of Swiss banks?
Unauthorised institutions
Are deposits denominated in a currency other than the CHF also classed as preferential?
Are deposits held on vested benefits accounts preferential?
Are Pillar 3a (restricted pension scheme) deposits preferential?
Are securities in a securities account (shares, fund units, certificates, etc.) protected or preferential?
What are the rules for joint accounts?
What are the rules for collective accounts (collective accountholders)?
Do credit balances on precious metal accounts count as protected deposits for the purposes of depositor protection? Do they come under the CHF 100 000 cover per customer?
How high is the maximum amount covered by the depositor protection scheme?
How can so much cash be found in such a short time?
What does the 125% rule mean?
Does the bank have a right of set-off against preferential deposits?