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Depositor Protection Association and FINMA formalise cooperation

The Deposit Protection of Swiss Banks and Securities Dealers (esisuisse) and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA have entered into an agreement to coordinate their efforts and share information. The agreement will provide the framework for their future cooperation.

The memorandum of understanding between esisuisse and FINMA provides for the exchange of all necessary information and places the future cooperation between the two parties on a formal, institutional footing. Patrick Loeb, CEO of esisuisse, called the agreement "a sign that the two partners are stepping up their joint efforts towards a stable financial system", adding: "Together we are thus ensuring an improved institutional framework for the depositor protection scheme. We are proud that our cooperation with FINMA has now been formalised in a contract."

Based on the fundamental principle under banking law that esisuisse and FINMA should provide each other with the information necessary for the two parties to perform their respective tasks, the agreement describes the approach taken to date but also specifies additional elements of the cooperation. The agreement enters into force immediately. The formalisation of the general principles governing the specific aspects of the cooperation between esisuisse and FINMA also conforms to international standards in the area of depositor protection.

Depositor Protection Scheme

Welcome to the official website of the depositor protection scheme.  The depositor protection scheme has been responsible since 2005 for ensuring that clients' deposits at Swiss banks are protected as provided for in the Swiss Banking Act. In the event of a bank going bankrupt, all esisuisse members (all banks with branches in Switzerland) will transfer to esisuisse within five days the amounts required of up to a total amount of CHF 6 billion. Clients will receive up to CHF 100 000 of their savings.

This website will provide answers to questions you might have about the depositor protection scheme.

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