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Sony Kubbel von Berlin
esisuisse annual report 2015

esisuisse has published its 4th annual report. The electronic version of the report is available under „Publications / Annual Reports“ and can be downloaded in English, German, French and Italian.

Direct link to annual report (PDF) / (emag)
Depositor Protection Scheme

Welcome to the official website of esisuisse. esisuisse has been responsible since 2005 for ensuring that clients' deposits at Swiss banks are protected as provided for in the Swiss Banking Act. In the event of a bank going bankrupt, all esisuisse members (all banks with branches in Switzerland) will transfer to esisuisse within five days the amounts required of up to a total amount of CHF 6 billion. Clients will receive up to CHF 100 000 of their savings.

This website will provide answers to questions you might have about the depositor protection scheme.

The most important answers at the click of a mouse:

Who is protected by esisuisse?
What are preferential deposits?
What are protected deposits?
Which banks are participating in the depositor protection scheme?